British broadcasting corporation home accessibility links skip to content skip to local navigation skip to bbc. Co. buy generic viagra Uk navigation skip to bbc. non prescription viagra online uk Co. Uk search help accessibility help health home physical health emotional health treatments tools support guillain-barre syndrome dr trisha macnair guillain-barre syndrome (gbs) - also known as acute post-infective polyneuritis - is a disease of the peripheral nervous system, affecting the nerves to the arms, legs, head and trunk, but not the brain or spinal cord. non prescription viagra online uk This article was last reviewed by gill jenkins in july 2012. On this page causes symptoms who's affected? Diagnosis treatment page options print this page causes typically, guillain-barre develops as an autoimmune reaction following an acute infection. It's not inherited, although it's thought that genetic factors may make some people more likely to develop autoimmune conditions. Top symptoms an initial episode of a headache, vomiting, fever and back and limb pain is followed by paralysis, which starts as tingling and numbness followed by increasing weakness. The paralysis is often progressive and ascending (starting with the feet and moving upwards), but the condition may come on suddenly and affect all four limbs at once. The degree of paralysis varies. There may also be a loss of sensation. buy generic viagra online Half of patients suffer pain, usually nerve pain or deep muscle pain. cheap generic viagra In about one in four cases the paralysis spreads to the respiratory nerves supplying the chest wall muscles, which are used in breathing. The person then needs to be put on a ventilator. viagra price london Some patients have a similar, but longer-lasting illness called chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (cidp). liquid viagra taste It was once known as chronic guillain-barre but now usually regarded as a related condition. buy cheap viagra Top who's affected? non prescription viagra online uk Guillain-barre affects about 1,500 people every year in the uk, and about cl develop cidp. The exact mechanisms which cause the conditions aren't clear, but about 60 per cent of those affected will have had a throat or intestinal infection, flu or major stress within the previous two weeks. Bacteria such as campylobacter and mycoplasma pneumonia, and viruses such as epstein barr virus and cytomegalovirus are some of the organisms that have been reported. discount generic viagra This triggers the immune system, which then attacks the nerves. It rarely occurs in first-degree relatives, but familial cases have been reported and genetic similarities noted. For example, a study of japanese people with guillain-barre following an intestinal i. buy viagra without prescription